"Nowhere Hair: Explains Your Cancer and Chemo to Your Kids" by Sue Glader


The cover of the book "Nowhere Hair" shows a mom, little girl and dog playing on the beach. But there's something a little different about this mom: she doesn't have hair. This is the premise of "Nowhere Hair," a book written by Sue Glader to help parents explain cancer and chemotherapy treatments to children.

The book's narrator is a little girl whose mom is missing her hair. The little girl goes looking for her mother's hair all throughout her home. Her mother explains to her daughter that medicine made it fall out, and that it was nothing the little girl did to make that happen. Written in rhyme, the book covers many sensitive topics, such as cancer, wearing hats and scarves to cover a head and that some people look different, which is okay.

The LIVESTRONG.org organization selected the book for children ages 3 to 12 to help kids understand a parent's diagnosis. The Moonbeam Children's Book Awards also selected the book as its 2011 Gold Medal Winner in the "Health" category.

Author Sue Glader is a breast cancer survivor who lives in Marin County, California. She is a mother who wrote this story to help families like hers understand the importance of valuing what is on the inside and not just looking at the outside. She also launched a Facebook initiative intended to empower women called "Beautifully Bald." After undergoing her cancer treatments, she said she felt empowered to do something to help other moms going through cancer treatments.

"I am a writer by trade, and the materials I saw to explain cancer to kids where, ahem, scary," Glader told Care2.com in an interview about the book. "Fear does not deserve a place at the table with children. So I was inspired to offer up a story that explained things in an upbeat yet honest a way as possible."

Illustrator Edith Buenen drew colorful, kid friendly images throughout the book, including a page where the mom wears a variety of colorful hats and scarves. Buenan is a fashion designer from the Netherlands whose images are whimsical and detailed.

The book is designed to be a conversation starter between parents, grandparents or aunts with cancer and children. At 32 pages long, it is an short way to explain and deal with a difficult topic that is often not written about.

"Nowhere Hair" is available for purchase on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. The book is also available in a Spanish-language version. Author Sue Glader's official website is NowhereHair.com.