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My Cancer story and how I found out. This video is about the Uterus Cancer and my story. I'm 33 years old and I have Uterus Cancer.

To learn more about how endometrial cancer is diagnosed and treated, visit: http

“Who says cancer and chemo have to get you down? We'll have the last laugh!” she wrote. “We want to show the world that dancing and laughter is the BEST medicine.”

This message needs to get out to the public! Please help her spread the word!
Donations can be sent to:
Duke Sarcoma Research Fund
Richard Reidel M.D.

Australian swimmer, Mack Horton took to Instagram to thank the person who encouraged him to get a mole checked out after seeing it during the Olympic Games.

At 16, Courtney was no stranger to the way cancer changes lives. She had lost a sister to the disease, and her mother had been battling recurrences for 21 years.

This interview was taped in April 2013, prior to the "Fashion For Jandie" benefiting event.