Aimee Garrison was 26 weeks pregnant when the pain became overwhelming. She had trouble sleeping and keeping up with her toddler. An MRI revealed a rare spinal cord ependymoma, which affects less than 2,000 adults each year. A tumor the size of a baby carrot had been slowly growing in Aimee’s spinal cord, pushing it against her vertebrae.
Learn more about Aimee: http://uofmhealthblogs.org/neurohealth/marathon-running-mom-faces-rare-t....


There are multiple treatment paths for patients with ependymoma. The CERN Foundation has created an international clinical trials network that includes several clinical centers of excellence in both pediatric and adult ependymomas in the United States. Currently, the CERN Foundation is developing clinical trials designed for ependymoma patients. Patients that meet eligibility requirements must join the trial at a CERN Center. We are pleased to have two open trials, one for adults with ependymoma and one for children with ependymoma, and expect to open additional trials in the future. Learn more about ependymoma and the CERN Foundation at www.cern-foundation.org. You can join our e-newsletter list to receive updates on ependymoma and join the message boards.


MRI pictures and clinical details of a patient with posterior fossa ependymoma. Its more in the cerebellopontine angle than in the fourth ventricle. How will you deal with this tumor. Read clinical details at http://neurosurgeryatnimhans.blogspot.com/2008/08/how-do-you-deal-with-t...
I will upload the outcome once surgical treatment is over.


This week I was joined by a Brain Cancer Warrior. Talking about her experience when she was diagnosed with a anaplastic ependymoma brain Tumour and about her new blog: https://braincancerbabe.com/

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"Just a girl tryin' to beat brain cancer... I am a 2-time brain cancer survivor, specifically of an anaplastic ependymoma. I've underwent numerous surgeries, radiation and chemo. However, most importantly, I am an advocate and fierce fundraiser for various cancer organizations. WE WILL BEAT BRAIN CANCER!" - Brain Cancer Babe


Aunty M Brain Tumours was set up as an online support network.
I have tried to give people a place to find information. Not in the medical sense but in a way to share experiences, to help and