Inflammatory breast cancer


The onset of inflammatory breast cancer can be rapid.


Emmy nominated TV anchor reports Inflammatory Breast Cancer


How to recognize inflammatory breast cancer symptoms

Not all breast cancer involves a lump. There is a rare, but serious form known as inflammatory breast cancer whose symptoms are unique. Dr. Anne Moore, a leading breast oncologist, describes the symptoms and treatment for inflammatory breast cancer.

inflammatory breast cancer symptoms
inflammatory cancer breast symptoms


Shay Pausa of ChiKii Woman to Woman interview Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivors. Find out how this deadly disease can so easily go undetected.


In this video, Dr. Beth Overmoyer from Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women's Cancer Center in Boston outlines the typical symptoms and standard form of treatment for inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Learn more about Dana-Farber's inflammatory breast cancer program:


Breast cancer is something women think they know all about: Look for lumps; have mammograms; see our doctors.

But none of that will save you from one silent breast cancer killer that women know virtually nothing about.

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Although rare, inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) requires a timely diagnosis as it occurs very rapidly, particularly in younger women. Dr. Mary Cianfrocca, director of the Breast Cancer Program at Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center, talks about the signs of this cancer, common symptoms and who this disease is likely to affect. Hear about common misdiagnosis, the genetic connection and increased survival rates based on care received from a multidisciplinary team. Dr. Cianfrocca discusses path to diagnosis, current modalitites of therapy including chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation and possibly, surgery.