James Graham Brown Cancer Center


This one minute television spot was produced by Black Box, Incorporated for the James Graham Brown Cancer Center and University of Louisville Hospital as one of three service line/image spots. This spot features a young woman who survived breast cancer after she first visited the facilities mobile mammography unit for her first mammogram of her life. She immediately went into treatment with a very positive outcome...she's alive and well! This is a true story and the characters are those depicted in the story.


UofL Health Care shares more of Stacy King's experience at James Graham Brown Cancer Center and the complete cancer care she received.


Louisville CyberKnife uses an advanced robotic radiosurgery system to treat malignant and benign tumors in the head, neck and body with sub-millimeter accuracy and without incision or sedation. Louisville CyberKnife was developed as a joint venture between the James Graham Brown Cancer Center and US Radiosurgery. For more information, call 855-737-8200.


At the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, we realize two patients battling cancer cannot be given the same medical treatment and care. Everyone is different and deserves the time andattention that gives them the best chance for remission and recovery. That's why our entire staff focuses on providing the best treatment possible to individuals who come into our care. To maintain that intense focus on individual care, our staff practices an innovative, multidisciplinary approach.