James Graham Brown Cancer Center


This 30 second television spot was created and produced by Black Box, Incorporated for the James Graham Brown Cancer Center as part of an image campaign used to educate consumers about the advanced cancer treatments and research available at the JGBCC in Louisville Kentucky.


Every day, more advancements, discoveries, and technologies are changing the horizon of cancer treatment and research. And, as always, the James Graham Brown Cancer Center will be at the forefront of these changes, helping deliver the highest caliber of care to our patients and the entire Bluegrass region.


During her lung cancer treatment at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Nancy is thankful for the friendships she made and the compassion she received.

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This one minute television spot was produced by Black Box, Incorporated for the James Graham Brown Cancer Center and University of Louisville Hospital as one of three service line/image spots. This spot features a young woman who survived breast cancer after she first visited the facilities mobile mammography unit for her first mammogram of her life. She immediately went into treatment with a very positive outcome...she's alive and well! This is a true story and the characters are those depicted in the story.


In the last decade, we have become a nationally recognized leader in cancer treatment and research. Our rapid growth has produced many exciting breakthroughs in cancer treatment, including twenty-seven new cancer drugs or targets. Even though we're well on our way to becoming the preeminent cancer center in the nation, we hold true to what has gotten us this far: our dedication to continuous improvement.


WHAT: The 2014 Cancer Survivor Celebration, hosted by the Kentucky Cancer Program and the James Graham Brown Cancer Center at the University of Louisville. This annual celebration held on the Thursday before the Kentucky Derby honors the inspiring spirit and champion courage of those who fight cancer, and the clinicians and researchers who are with them every step of the way. It is a day for those who embody strength and hope for a future that is cancer-free.


Kim Adams breast cancer survivor talks about her experience at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. The First Nationally Accredited Breast Cancer Center in Kentucky.