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1 week post mastectomy

1:31 is a gallery of me. This is raw. If you do not want to see what a person looks like after a mastectomy, please don't click play and watch the slideshow. Like I said...I'm documenting every step of this for (myself a little) other women out there who want to prepare themselves if they are diagnosed, know someone who is or just plain getting my word out there. It sucks. It hurts. It's depressing. But I will survive. I will beat the shit out of this. One round knocked down can't keep this fighter down long..


More of my story here: - vlogging and blogging my way through breast cancer and beyond.


This video demonstrates exercises that will help you regain your range of motion after breast surgery and reconstruction using a tissue expander.

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We are excited to bring you more of Sherri's journey in the 2nd video below. In this video Sherri is 4 days out from her prophylactic mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. Sherri's plastic surgeon was able to expand her up to 300cc's on each side using a Natralle expander. Sherri still has her drains in at this point and is slightly swollen from the surgery. We are so grateful to Sherri for allowing us to document her journey and bring to all of our viewers an up close look into the process of immediate reconstruction


Cancer expert Dr. Jay K. Harness explains why he doesn't recommend prophylactic mastectomies, even to a woman with a family history of breast cancer.

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This is my first video. August 30, 2013 will be 1 year since my bilateral mastectomy surgery without reconstruction and living life as a flat and fabulous gal. This short video is to update my blog journal and to share with others who are or will be going through the same thing. As I said in the video, I am comfortable in my own skin and do not mind sharing with others in hopes that it helps them or a loved one along their path. Living life as a flat woman is not ugly or scary and I'm trying to help spread the word. Oh and just to note that we're all unique so the healing process is different for everyone. This is just my experience as I tend to be a slow healer. Peace, Rocki