At 16, Courtney was no stranger to the way cancer changes lives. She had lost a sister to the disease, and her mother had been battling recurrences for 21 years.

Courtney's own fight began when her mother's was ending, with a pain in her knee that kept her from her usual summertime activities. The athletic, energetic high school junior assumed she had a sprained ligament. She put off going to the doctor, focusing her attention on her mom, Crystal.

Crystal died on Christmas, at age 41. Through her grief, Courtney realized the pain in her knee had become severe. Within the week, her mom's friends took her to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), where MRI revealed a mass. Then bone biopsy showed Courtney had a malignant tumor.

Courtney suffers from Li-Fraumeni syndrome, as did her mother and sister. It is a rare condition caused by alterations in TP53, a very important tumor suppressor gene. Half of individuals with Li-Fraumeni will develop cancer by age 45, with tumors beginning in childhood and adolescence.

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A young synchronized swimmer on the U.S. National team with dreams for the 2012 Summer Olympics has a new dream and goal after doctors found a tumor in her knee and diagnosed her with Osteosarcoma. To learn more about Osteosarcoma and the bone tumor program at Nationwide Children's Hospital, visit: http://bit.ly/Y1qSOY Follow-up on Meghan's story as she gets into the water for the first time after finishing her cancer treatment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hNw3mxTauc&feature=plcp&context=C434fd0b...


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Dr. Carola Arndt discusses osteosarcoma which is one of the most common malignant tumors of bone in teenagers and young adults. It has an incidence of 5.6 per million in children under 15 in the U.S. Dr. Arndt also discusses diagnoses, evaluation, and treatment of osteosarcoma. Treatment for osteosarcoma at Mayo Clinic is a multidisciplinary teamwork approach. Additionally, Dr. Arndt discusses Mayo Clinic's membership in the Children's Oncology group as well as EURAMOS (European and American Osteosarcoma Study Group).


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Rachel Edwards has battled cancer four times, endured five different rounds of chemotherapy, 11 different surgeries, and most recently a clinical trial at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Edwards, who has spent 150 nights at MUSC's Children's Hospital, has been fighting this battle since she was 10, when doctors removed a tumor in her knee and she was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma.


Kurt Weiss, MD, a surgeon specialized in pediatric and adult orthopaedic oncology, discusses the symptoms of osteosarcoma, the importance of an early diagnosis, and treatment options.