Stage 4 Metastatic


Chemo was messing me up BAD.... Here I am literally rambling and down in the dumps. I was feeling so friggen awful. I was dizzy and light headed and in TONS of pain. I ended up going to hospital that evening....They just gave me pills but didn't even examine me. What a joke. I ended up in Hospital again 2 days later for 15 days......


Hi, I'm Lesley and I'm 42 years old (as of Dec 31, 2012)...I was originally diagnosed with Stage 3C Breast Cancer in Dec. 2010 when I was the ripe old age of 40. Unfortunately, it has returned as Stage 4 BC as of Oct/Nov 2012 This is my journey..... for better or worse....and I hope it helps explain some things to those of you confused, wanting clarity, or just snoopy... but most of all, its to help and to leave this for my 11 year old daughter... hopefully its all in vain. That would be cool! :)


Due to the side effects of the crappy chemo I was taking in November, it wasn't suppose to make my hair fall out...but it did unfortunately. It's just hair I had my partner shave my head to ensure that I don't have it continually fall in my food, sink, floor, and stick to my clothes. Feels good not to worry about it. I start a new chemo protocol in 3 hair is gonna fall out anyways. I'll be shiny head in about 2 weeks. Time to order more new wigs.....


Frustrated on how to start out the year. If I can't set a goal.. I better get appreciative......


So good. Little did I know. LOL