Triple-negative breast cancer


The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation's 2012 Peace, Love & A Cure video, featuring TNBC survivors Cristy Norwood and Robin Roberts, as well as Lisa A. Newman, MD, and her patient Ms. Blanding.


The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation's mission is to support research into the causes, diagnoses and treatment into triple negative breast cancer and provide programs and services to the triple negative breast cancer community. For more information, visit


Learn how the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation was founded by friends in memory of Nancy Block-Zenna and how it has grown to be a credible source for triple negative breast cancer information, a catalyst for science and patient advocacy groups, and a caring community with meaningful services for patients and their families. Learn more:

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The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation remembers former Executive Director Lori Redmer and honors her memory with the introduction of the Lori Jasperse Redmer Research Grant, funded in part by GE.


Bree Sandlin, a stage three triple-negative breast cancer patient at MD Anderson shares her inspirational story on Sept. 21, 2012 during a news conference to announce the launch of the institutions unprecedented Moon Shots Program.

The Moon Shots Program is aimed at putting eight initial cancers in the record books. One of those is breast cancer.

For more information and to make a donation, visit:


Leticia Croft Holguin was 28 years-old and 9 months pregnant when she was diagnosed with Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. She shared her personal story at Breast Cancer Connections' Annual Conference on November 3, 2012 in Redwood City, CA.


Lisa A. Carey, MD This podcast addresses triple negative disease and therapeutic strategies in these patients.


Sarah-Jane Phillips, a former triple negative breast cancer patient, talks about her breast cancer experience. She visits Breakthrough Breast Cancer's conference, held at the Royal Society in 2011, and meets doctors and scientists trying to save lives of women with triple negative breast cancer. Find out more about how Breakthrough Breast Cancer is tackling triple negative breast cancer at