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Creating Futures -- AMC Cancer Fund Supports the University of Colorado Cancer Center

In 2005, the AMC Cancer Fund ( affiliated with the University of Colorado Cancer Center, and threw its support behind research into the prevention and treatment of cancer. With the support of generous donors like AMC, the University of Colorado offers the only Comprehensive Cancer Center in the Rocky Mountain Region and one of only 40 in the United States. The Cancer Center's 5 year survival rates for lung, prostate, breast cancer and lymphoma are higher than the state and the national average.

University of Colorado Cancer Center:


Dr. Robert Marschke discusses innovative cancer trials available through Poudre Valley Hospital's Oncology Clinical Research department. The department focuses on advancing cancer treatment, early detection, prevention, and symptom management. The department partners with University of Colorado Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center, Colorado State University, and is involved in many pharmaceutical studies. Learn more about available trials at Dr. Marschke is the Oncology Research Medical Director at Poudre Valley Hospital, supported by a team of 13 clinical research nurses and associates. The mission of the department is: To provide local access to innovative cancer clinical trials with personalized, compassionate and expert patient care. To contribute to finding a cure for cancer through the collection of accurate research data and clinical trials conduct of the highest standard.


The University of Colorado Cancer Center is a world-class cancer treatment center, right here in Colorado. Our physicians and researchers conduct groundbreaking cancer studies to develop new and effective cancer treatments.


Stephen Malkoski, MD, PhD, assistant professor of Pathology at the University of Colorado Denver and lung cancer researcher at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, wond a Young Investigator Grant from the National Lung Cancer Partnership.


If you're scheduled for an inpatient stay at University of Colorado Hospital, this video is made especially for you. Introduced by Bruce Schroffel, President and CEO of UCH, and narrated by Carl Miller, Director of the Patient and Family Centered Care program at the hospital, you'll follow a new patient from the time she arrives at the Anschutz Inpatient Pavilion to her departure from the hospital. The video also provides a general overview of the hospital and its amenities.


University of Colorado Hospital's Shandra Wilson, MD, explains bladder cancer and treatment options for it, including surgical treatment using the da Vinci surgical robot.


At the University of Colorado Cancer Center, nearly 400 physicians and scientists are working in the lab, in the clinic, and in the community to make cancer an endangered species.

Because we are part of the NCI's most elite group of cancer centers, we offer most of the same cancer studies and therapies-in-testing found in other major centers.

Also, because we are a comprehensive cancer center, we offer all phases of cancer studies. We have one of the best early-phase trial programs in the world -- studies of the newest, most advanced treatments available.


Dr. Gajdos makes it a point to communicate often with his patients. He wants his patients to be aware of their treatment options and contribute to their own care.