Brenda's Story - Surviving a brain tumor

4 years ago
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A message of hope from the survivor of a grade 3 brain tumor (anaplastic astrocytoma) UPDATE: December 2012 - 5 YEARS! Brenda and I just wanted to let everyone know that recently she became a 5 year survivor! And on top of that, she decided to finally take her surgeon's advice and get her MRI's done yearly now instead of every 6 months. Even though Brenda has done really well in the past five years, she struggles at times; especially since the passing of her sister almost a year ago (to a similar brain tumor). We really wish that Paula was here to celebrate 5 years with us but we know that she is smiling down on Brenda and encouraging her to strive to stay well. I am very proud of the hard work Brenda has put in to be here 5 years later and thankful that she can be here to share this with all of us. UPDATE: April 2013 - Well over 5 years and still stable and unchanged! We are very happy :) UPDATE: May 2012 - 4 and a half years and still going strong!!! UPDATE2! Update - April 2011 - It's been more than 3 years now, and Brenda is still doing well and has stable and unchanged MRI scan, no sign of any tumor activity! UPDATE: Be sure to see her 2 year update here! Support sites: Cancer Recovery American Brain Tumor Association National Brain Tumor Association Wellness Community (support Groups) Financial Resources: