Cancer Treatment Documentary: Conventional vs Natural [2013]

7 years ago
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Cancer Treatment Documentary - Exploring the difference between conventional treatment of cancer versus natural/alternative treatment. We compare the use of natural medicine versus the use of chemotherapy and radiation. Also discussed is the alternative treatments themselves, their benefits, as well as cancer survivors that were able to successfully treat their cancer naturally, without side effects or any other negative results. Help fund future documentaries by us: Relevant Tags: "cancer treatment documentary, cancer treatment documentary: conventional vs natural [2013], documentary, cancer treatment conventional vs natural, cancer treatment: conventional versus natural, alternative cancer treatments that work, cancer documentaries, cancer cure, chemotherapy treatment for cancer, cancer documentary, cancer treatment, how to treat cancer, canadian holistic cancer doctors, alternative cancer cure, alternative cancer, cancer cures video documentary, cancer treatment documentary: conventional vs natural, canadian holistic cancer docotors, natural alternative to chemotherapy, cancer treatment: conventional vs natural, ketogenic diet, cancer" "how to cure cancer, how to cure cancer naturally, how to cure cancer at home, how to cure cancer with cannabis, cure cancer with alkaline, cure cancer naturally, cure cancer in 3 minutes, cure cancer now, cure cancer with cannabis, cure cancer with hemp oil, cure cancer ketogenic diet, treat cancer naturally, cancer treatment, cancer treatment documentary, cancer treatment videos, cancer treatment 2013, cancer treatment chemotherapy, cancer treatment alternative, alternative cancer treatments, alternative cancer treatments in texas, alternative cancer treatment canada, alternative cancer treatment for lymphoma, alternative cancer treatment comparison and testing, alternative cancer treatments that work, alternative cancer treatments for melanoma, alternative cancer treatments comparison, alternative medicine documentary"