Jandie's Story

7 years ago
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This interview was taped in April 2013, prior to the "Fashion For Jandie" benefiting event.

Jandie's story is long and heart breaking about her battle with stage four Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma; But to summarize it- in the beginning, she was rejected by doctors when complaining about her excruciating leg pain, being accused of only wanting pain killers. They eventually sent her to physical therapy creating pressure and strain, thus causing her leg to break, all the while not knowing she had bone cancer. Since the doctors pushed her away instead of trying to figure out the issue, her cancer then spread to her lungs until it was finally found.

On February 9th, 2015, she found out the cancer was now in her brain, as well. February 11th she had emergency brain surgery and they were only able to remove 80% of the tumor, as the remaining 20% was up against a blood vessel that affects her motor skills.

Jandie has also had tremendous stress with her finances in supporting her battle against cancer. Her medical bills are deep in collections, and every month she has ridiculous copay expenses in order to survive.

She lives in Modesto, CA but drives 5-6 hours to Santa Monica once a month for a few days for her chemotherapy with a doctor that specializes in her cancer. In order to afford doing so, she and her boyfriend bought a boat and dock it in Oxnard. It's a lot of travel and hassle, not to mention another expense.

She does receive some financial assistance with Social Security, but it's her only form of income and nothing near what she needs for survival. Her monthly expenses related to her cancer treatment come to $1905, and that's not to mention living expenses like we all incur OR her accumulated medical debt.

The following is a list of her monthly expenses related to her treatment:

Chemotherapy- $200 copay
Quality pain medication- $940 copay
Misc. Meds (nausea, hot flashes)- $65 copay
Health Insurance - $250
Gas to SoCal & boat for chemo- $100 round trip
Boat dock fee- $350

I think we can all agree that Jandie should be focusing on her health and kicking this cancer's ass- NOT her finances.. Anything that can be contributed would be an enormous help and greatly appreciated!