Part 1 - Anal Cancer: Living Life Four Months At A Time- Hatteberg's People TV

3 years ago
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Nearly two years ago, Michele Longabaugh was told she had anal cancer. Yet, she says, she had none of the risk factors. This is part one of a two-part series focusing on anal cancer and how one woman lives life four months at a time and copes with the stigma that comes with it. The four months is the length between her CT scans that will tell her if her cancer has returned. Michele agreed to do the story and has created an incredible and intimate blog that details her struggle with anal cancer. The blog address is:
When you access it, go to the archives and start at the beginning. It was and is Michele's way of coping with a disease that no one wants to talk about. Two parts to this story...this is part one. By the is her intimate blog that details all her feelings: