Thanks LOVE SQUAD Part 2 Mon Aug 29 2016

7 years ago
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Published on Sep 5, 2016

Tanya had a restful weekend as she prepares for her first full week of killer agent chemo administered by Dr. James Forsythe and his medical team at Century Wellness Clinic in Reno, NV.

Tanya Madison Morrison has chosen an alternative way to FIGHT lung cancer! A random ER visit on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, revealed a 6.6cm mass on Tanya's left lung. Since then, nasty cancer has spread to Tanya's brain, spine and right eye resulting in 100% vision loss in that eye.

Despite these medical challenges, Tanya continues to encourage, inspire and equip others to live a more honest and balanced life... a more authentic and fulfilled life..

Instead of accepting the "3-month death sentence" the doctors gave in DC, Tanya sought alternative treatment at Dr. James Forsythe's Century Wellness Clinic where they combine science, nature, hope and prayer to the treatment of cancer. Dr. Forsythe's gentle fractionated low-dose administration of targeted killer agent chemo directly aligns with Tanya's spiritual and personal beliefs. Unfortunately, such treatment that is not conventional protocol is NOT paid by insurance companies. Hence, Tanya's family (led by brother and COO Dyrell Madison) launched a campaign to support the $100,000+ cost for a month of treatment.

Not bad compared to the $500,000+ for conventional protocol that Tanya believes would have lessened her quality of life and KILLED her spirit... if not her LIFE!

On the other side of this, Tanya plans to bring awareness to the fact that there are alternative treatments and cures for advanced cancers. Patients do not have to die from the harsh treatments but can LIVE gracefully, joyfully, peacefully and fully while receiving treatment to eradicate nasty cancer!