Walk Raises Money to Fight Dog and Human Cancer - John Dunn

4 years ago
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November 4, 2012      It is a deadly disease for both humans and animals.Pet owners come together to fight back against cancer. They're walking to raise money...one foot, and one paw at a time.Five year old Ansley McLaurin of Hendersonville has faced challenges in her young life."Ansley was diagnosed with Pleuropulmonary Blastoma in December 2009," says mother Amy McLaurin.Ansley is cancer survivor and now that's she well again, her family is helping others."We're here trying to help raise awareness for cancer research whether canine or children or adult in any way that we can," say Amy McLaurin.At Centennial Park dog owners are gathering to fight canine cancer.    The disease not only threatens humans, but also pets.    Renee McGee lost her golden retriever."And it was the worst thing to see her get sick and sick and not be able to do anything.  So that's why I'm here to honor, and to say I remember Buffy, and to say this is important," says McGee.This is one of 40 Puppy Up! Walks being held around the country.   It's organized by the non-profit 2 Million Dogs.   The goal is to raise money for comparative oncology research, which is the study of cancer in pets to better understand and treat human cancer."If we can figure out why one species develops cancer, how to prevent it, and how to treat it, and how to cure it, we have a connection to the other species," says coordinator Sheila Ranks.A dog named Ingrid served as grand marshal for the two mile walk. She lost a leg to cancer over a year ago."It was a big surprise to us to find out what a serious problem it is for dogs," says Ingrid's owner Sterling Whitaker.The goal is to fund research that will one day put an end to cancer for dogs, adults, and children."In any way we can give back to other families on a road that we've traveled, than we would certainly like to do that," says Amy McLaurin.Organizers raised more than ,500 for comparative oncology research. They're hoping to raise 0,000 in Nashville before the end of the year.For news updates follow John Dunn on twitter @WZTVJohnDunn