Reported on News4 In Washington, DC, an NBC affiliate, by reporter Doreen Gentzler. (Read below ....) Aromatherapy with YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS are being successfully used in the Children's National Medical Center, Washington DC to help pain management. Why? Because Young Living's oils are THERAPEUTIC-GRADE (unlike so many other brands out there of inferior quality) and the Medical Community is taking notice! Children's National Medical Center is a pediatric hospital in Washington, DC and leader in developing innovative new treatments for childhood illness. This has been in the making for a very long time thanks to the amazing efforts of Marian McEvilly. She has been a nurse and long time advocate for bringing complementary modalities into the hospital where she works at Children's National Medical Center. She embarked on a quest many years ago for bringing Essential Oils into the Hospital to help the patients, who are all children. She had already been using Essential Oils for herself, horses and various other critters and knew they could be of such


In this BBC News Report Dr. Suhail describes recent research being done on Omani Frankincense related to cancer treatment (Boswallia Sacra variety). Young Living Essential Oils is currently the only company which imports this variety from Oman. To purchase this frankincense, visit our website:


More footage for part II - Baby Killers with Cancer Coach, Terry Tillart talking about essential oils being 80 times more powerful than herbs and a great anti-cancer agent. Please go here to donate to help finish this film! For essential oils: or email


What really happens when someone has cancer therapy and they get home? What do their friends and family say? What happens when they try to eat an organic diet when no one else at home is? What happens when the whole family wants to go to Burger King and you stay home? Rick Hill knows what this is like and more because he underwent alternative cancer therapy 38 years ago after being diagnosed with stage three, high-grade embryonal cell carcinoma (cancer of the lymph system). Hill tells it like it is in this engaging video and offers real solutions to long term health. Most of all, he challenges cancer survivors to find a meaningful crusade in their life once returning home to make their life count. "After all," Rick says, "we didn't survive terminal cancer to make daisy chains..." To learn more about alternative cancer treatments at Oasis of Hope, or to request a free consultation visit

9:09 Dr. Cal Streeter describes the three-pronged approach he uses to naturally treat cancer patients. Want to receive the best free Natural Health email newsletter? Click here:

4:34 Dr. Cal Streeter has a long list of alternative cancer therapies that he has tried. He talks about some of them and their history in this video. Want to receive the best free Natural Health email newsletter? Click here:


Cancer Treatment Documentary - Exploring the difference between conventional treatment of cancer versus natural/alternative treatment. We compare the use of natural medicine versus the use of chemotherapy and radiation. Also discussed is the alternative treatments themselves, their benefits, as well as cancer survivors that were able to successfully treat their cancer naturally, without side effects or any other negative results. Help fund future documentaries by us: Relevant Tags: "cancer treatment documentary, cancer treatment documentary: conventional vs natural [2013], documentary, cancer treatment conventional vs natural, cancer treatment: conventional versus natural, alternative cancer treatments that work, cancer documentaries, cancer cure, chemotherapy treatment for cancer, cancer documentary, cancer treatment, how to treat cancer, canadian holistic cancer doctors, alternative cancer cure, alternative cancer, cancer cures video documentary, cancer treatment documentary: conventional vs