Bone Cancer


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Bone Cancer
What is another name for bone cancer? What is cancer of the bone?What are the signs and symptoms of bone cancer? Is bone cancer a genetic disease?

What is bone cancer?
Bone cancer starts in the bone. Cancer starts when cells in the body begin to grow out of control. Cells in

nearly any part of the body can become cancer, and can spread to other areas of the body.

Bone cancer is a malignant (cancerous)


Dr. Templeton shares how bone cancer is diagnosed. For more information on bone cancer visit


Dr. Templeton shares how bone cancer is treated. For more information on bone cancer visit


Published on Sep 4, 2014

Closing end to my journey of beating the battle with Ewing's Sarcoma.

If you want to walk or donate to help fund research to know more about this cancer and help myself and others like me click on the link below!


Published on Apr 29, 2014

This video shows Carolyn's journey with Ewing's Sarcoma

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Bailey Sherbrooke video

"One Day At a Time" by Jeremy Camp (Google Play • iTunes • AmazonMP3)


Published on Sep 8, 2014

Description: The Ewing Sarcoma Center, part of the Solid Tumor Programs at Texas Children’s Cancer Center, is dedicated to research, advancement and treatment of Ewing sarcoma, the second most common bone tumor in children. The center was officially established by Dr. Asha and Mr. Farid Virani in honor of their son Faris’ battle with Ewing sarcoma. To learn more about the Faris D. Virani Ewing Sarcoma Center, please visit


Uploaded on Dec 30, 2011

Emily was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma in late November, 2011. It is our mission to show that cancer is just a word, not a sentence. With her faith, loving friends and family, a strong network of experts, and a determined spirit.....Emily will fight this evil disease. We need to see more positive stories from kids with cancer! This is a positive story......Enjoy......until next time - Love to All......