University of Colorado Cancer Center


University of Colorado Hospital's Pancreas and Biliary Multidisciplinary Clinic brings together a team of diverse, but complementary, specialists who blend their expertise to provide each patient with customized care and treatment.


Dr. Chuck Ray, Professor and Vice Chair of Radiology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and Chief of Interventional Radiology at University of Colorado Hospital, discusses interventional radiology and its use in the treatment of liver cancer.


Dr. Paul Maroni, assistant professor of surgery and director of robotic surgery at University of Colorado Hospital, talks about prostate, kidney, and testicular cancers and the advanced treatments available for them at University of Colorado Hospital.


Kimberly Emerson, a courageous mother of six, underwent stem-cell treatment at University of Colorado Hospital to battle her acute myeloid leukemia. UCH physicians Jonathan Gutman and Han Myint also appear.


Fifteen years ago, Mary was diagnosed with a tumor on the right frontal lobe of her brain, a kind of cancer with a survival rate of little more than two years.

She underwent treatment at UCH, and remains "one of only a handful" of patients in the country to have beaten the survival odds for so long.

Also appearing is Kevin O. Lillehei, MD, neurosurgeon at University of Colorado Hospital.

The spot was produced in collaboration with KMGH Channel 7 in Denver.


Bob, a nonsmoker his whole life, was stunned to find out he had a cancerous tumor on his right lung. For his treatment he chose the "revolutionary" lung cancer program at University of Colorado Hospital's Cancer Center. Also appearing is UCH lung cancer specialist Ross Camidge, MD, PhD. This spot was produced in collaboration with KMGH Channel 7 in Denver.


"The Wonder" is the story of a pregnant woman diagnosed with breast cancer, who underwent treatment at UCH and gave birth to a healthy baby. Also appearing is Dr. Virginia Borges. The spot was produced in collaboration with Channel 7 News, Denver's ABC affiliate.


Ross Camidge, MD, discusses how testing at the molecular level of cancer cells can help to align lung cancer patients with targeted treatment regimens. He urges cancer patients to visit cancer centers that have an array of specialists who can combine their expertise.